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   Welcome to the Voices Podcast Collective, a new page on this blog dedicated to podcasts on the media. The popularity of podcasts symbolizes a new, dynamic trend of listening to stories, rather than viewing or reading them.
   On this page will be a growing collection of Voices of the Media podcasts, 30-minute shows that feature interviews with the local media: photojournalists, journalists, radio and tv personalities, and behind-the-scenes techies.

Voices of the Media podcast #5 | June 2018
Guests Carrie Cochran & Meg Vogel  | Co-producers of 'Seven Days of Heroin' documentary
Host Lori King
   A 31-minute Skype interview on a 31-minute Pulitzer Prize-winning documentary! Cincinnati Enquirer visual journalists Carrie Cochran and Meg Vogel, co-producers of the Seven Days of Heroin documentary, discuss their careers and the process of making the video, which won the Pulitzer for local reporting in April 2018. 
   The dynamic duo also talk about Vogel's other award-winning video, Raising Zay.
 > A Voices of the Media production, in collaboration with NPPA's News Photographer Magazine ©2018 

Voices of the Media podcast #4 | April 2018
Guests Erin Gariepy & Areeba Shah  | University of Toledo Independent Collegian newspaper
Host Lori King 
   This episode of the Voices of the Media podcast features Erin Gariepy, faculty adviser for the University of Toledo's student newspaper The Independent Collegian, and editor-in-chief Areeba Shah.
     We discuss the essential need for a free student press; the #SaveStudentNewsrooms movement; fake news as the new boogie man in the current administration; and how the community and alumni saved the IC. 

Voices of the Media podcast #3 | April 2018
Guest Haley Taylor | WGTE 91.3 FM classical music host and podcaster
Host Lori King 
       This episode of the Voices of the Media podcast features local NPR host and podcaster Haley Taylor.   
        She talks about having a musical background and hosting classical music shows, podcasting for the love of storytelling, and encourages anyone who wants to podcast to JUST DO IT! 

    Voices of the Media podcast #2 | March 2018
    Guest Denny Schaffer | Q105 radio personality
    Host Lori King 
        This episode of the Voices of the Media podcast features Toledo's own Q105.5 DJ Denny Schaffer.  
        He talks about his passion for the broadcast biz, corporation bankruptcy, charity work and what it takes to survive in today's broadcast world.

    Voices of the Media podcast #1 | March 2018
    Guest Sarah Elms | Toledo Blade City Hall reporter
    Host Lori King 
       For my first Voices of the Media show, I featured Toledo Blade reporter Sarah Elms. We discussed reporters using smartphones as a visual storytelling tool, rather than a traditional DSLR camera.
       The following links below are published smartphone videos and photos provided by Sarah. They offer a good insight into the power of what a reporter can do with a smartphone.
    • Cat show! Probably my best video so far. Shot with an iPhone 7
    • Here's an example of a video where I wish so badly I had a microphone
    • Another video I wish I had a microphone 
    • Here's a Facebook Live  I did
    • One more videolicious 
    • The first video with this story is mine. I just took it with my phone and Tweeted it
    • For this video, I wish I only had the woman narrating and put B-roll over her talking instead of me. Still an example of how you can improve
    • Here's an example of spot news where I was the only one on scene and so had to shoot photos with my iPhone
    • Another example of shooting my own photos when no photog was available. Note the {horrible} quality
    • The first photo in this slideshow is mine. Again, we couldn't send a photog, so I shot it. An example of me getting out of my comfort zone and getting close to someone to snap their photo.

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