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   Voices of the Media podcast #1
                                               Guest Sarah Elms | Produced by Lori King
   Welcome to the Voices Podcast Collective, a new page on this blog dedicated to podcasts.
   The growing popularity of podcasts symbolizes a new, dynamic trend of listening to stories, rather than viewing or reading them.
   On this page will be a growing collection of podcasts from two shows:
1. Voices of Storytelling: These 15-minute podcasts are completely recorded and produced by the Visual Storytelling students at Owens Community College.
2. Voices of the Media: This 30-minute show is my own creation, and they are interviews with the local media, including photojournalists, journalists, radio and tv personalities. 
   Both shows are aired on OCCR, during a Thursday 2 p.m. slot. Storytelling is weekly, while Media is every other week.
   For my first Voices of the Media show, I feature Toledo Blade reporter Sarah Elms. We discuss reporters using smartphones as a visual storytelling tool, rather than a traditional DSLR camera.
   The following links below are published smartphone videos and photos provided by Sarah. They offer a good insight into the power of what a reporter can do with a smartphone.
  • Cat show! Probably my best video so far. Shot with an iPhone 7
  • Here's an example of a video where I wish so badly I had a microphone
  • Another video I wish I had a microphone 
  • Here's a Facebook Live  I did
  • One more videolicious 
  • The first video with this story is mine. I just took it with my phone and Tweeted it
  • For this video, I wish I only had the woman narrating and put B-roll over her talking instead of me. Still an example of how you can improve
  • Here's an example of spot news where I was the only one on scene and so had to shoot photos with my iPhone
  • Another example of shooting my own photos when no photog was available. Note the {horrible} quality
  • The first photo in this slideshow is mine. Again, we couldn't send a photog, so I shot it. An example of me getting out of my comfort zone and getting close to someone to snap their photo.

Voices of Storytelling podcast #1
Guest Kurt Steiss  |  Produced by Drew Scott

To view Kurt's website, go here.

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