Monday, May 9, 2011

The End

   The semester is over and grades are posted.
The new poster for the PHO 245 class,
designed by CRT student Brian White.

   It was a wonderful class. They all worked hard, yet seemed to keep their sense of humor. You need that balance of work and fun.
   This list sums up what they've learned in a nutshell (which is actually a journalism term):

  • What journalism means
  • How to write AP style captions
  • Learned press ethics, rights and the First Amendment
  • Created their first blog
  • Learned to capture live sound and how to edit audio using Audacity software
  • Shot sports, feature and photo story assignments

     Three of the students blogged about their overall experience and offered advice to the Fall 2011 class. There is nothing like learning from your peers.
     I hope these students continue to respect truth in visual storytelling.
     This blog will continue in the Fall with a whole new set of student blogs.