Monday, May 16, 2016

KSU Teaching Multimedia students post final assignment: A lesson plan

   The semester is now over, but before I put this blog to bed for the summer, I want to share the final projects for my Kent State Teaching Multimedia grad students.
   But first, I want to say that the Teaching MM course impacted me a great deal when I was a grad student in the KSU Journalism Education program. Under the tutelage of Sue Zake in 2009, a KSU adjunct and instructor for that course back then, I created my first blog, and have been blogging ever since. Now, Zake is a KSU assistant professor, and I am honored to have inherited that course from her in 2013.
   Blogs are now required in all of my photojournalism courses because, it most cases, it’s the first visual portfolio for the students. Blogs are a powerful way of documenting what they’ve learned throughout the semester, and passing that knowledge forward.
   The final and most significant posting is their final project, which is developing a lesson plan, homework sheet, rubric and Camtasia Studio tutorial on a topic of their choice. It was based on their newfound expertise in creating multimedia journalism. The students were instructed to select a subject they wanted to teach and/or use with their own students, and upload all of the required elements to their blogs. 
   Not only do I grade from the blogs, but by posting to their blogs, other teachers and students can share it, as well.
   Of course, all of the teachers have developed lesson plans and rubrics throughout their career. But what was new was developing a lesson using Camtasia, a screen recording and video editing software that is perfect for creating how-to tutorials. Since this was a multimedia course, why not introduce them to a program that enhances their lesson plans?
    I loved the wide range of subjects chosen for this assignment: Videolicious, Twitter, video sequencing and editing, creating infographics, Picasa and editing podcasts using Audacity.
   So, it is with immense pride that I present to you the blogs of the spring semester 2016 class, who are mostly high school teachers advising or teaching student media (broadcasting, newspapers, yearbook).
    Click Here for the Page link to their blogs.

Adding a poll to your content from Mark Davidson on Vimeo.

How to use Twitter to promote a news story from Teaching Multimedia on Vimeo.

  (This video is a demonstration for students posting their live broadcasts to Todd's school website on his class page, by Todd Hatfield)

Editing Video to Tell a Story from Stephen Milligan on Vimeo.

(Introducing students to ThingLink, a website that allows users to create interactive graphics, by Michael Gluskin)

AIR Exam Video from Robin Lester on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The final assignment for the Intro to PJ class: The Sunshine Magazine

   This 24-page magazine showcases the photography, writing and newfound layout and design skills by the spring 2016 Owens Community College Intro to Photojournalism course students.
   With my guidance, each student was responsible for their own work, including the layout and design of their assigned pages, using only Photoshop and Word.
   These commercial photography majors were certainly out of their comfort zones when they were tasked with writing and editing duties, but isn't that why they were in that classroom for the past four months... to be challenged with building new skills?
   The explanation of the successes and pitfalls of the overall project, which took a month to shoot and produce, is in the previous blog post. This is a Steller iPhone slideshow of our visit to Sunshine: Click here for Steller slideshow
   Thank you, Sunshine, for inviting us in, and thank YOU for viewing!
Page 1
Page 2
(The Play button on Page 2 indicates a video shot by Caleb, which is not linked on this blog post.)
Page 3
Page 4-5
(Note: The trapped white spacing at the end of the third column occurred during the transition from Word to PDF)
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Pages 12-13
Pages 14-15
Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Pages 20-21
Pages 22-23
Page 24
(This last page is a sponsorship ad submitted by Sunshine)