Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The end is here but changes will never end

   The semester is over, the grades are posted and I am already looking forward to next semester.
   I'm contemplating a few changes:
  • Swap Soundslides with iMovie so they can learn a new storytelling tool. A prerequisite for this class is Digital 1, where most students are already introduced to Soundslides. Soundslides is fading away, so I now prefer Final Cut Pro/Express, but our classroom MAC computers aren't equipped with this video editing software, yet.
  • Add an assignment on cell phone photography, which is becoming more popular and viable in the digital age. Knowing how to use your cell phone for a spot news photo is becoming a must.
  • Look into teaching a block of instruction on Pinterest and other popular ways of sharing photos.
  • Change from Blogger to Wordpress, which is more standard in the journalism world.
    Looks like I have some research and assignment development to do!
    I also will be working hard this summer on completing my master's project so I can finally graduate with an MA in journalism education from Kent State University in December. My project consists of designing a photography class geared for area high school journalism/yearbook/photography teachers who were thrown into teaching those subjects because they teach English or like photography.
    Forcing English teachers to teach journalism due to budget cuts is a pathetic national trend that hurts the future of the profession. The CEU (continuing education unit) course I am proposing, which I hope will be available next summer at Owens Community College, will help better educate journalism/yearbook/photojournalism teachers/advisers on the basics of photography and photojournalism. This project is in its infancy stage, so I don't have much information to share at this point. 
    Okay then. This is my final blog post for the Spring 2012 class. See you in August!