Monday, November 5, 2018

Teachable Moment: A podcast on shooting with a camera on manual mode

   Let's make this perfectly clear - shooting photography on manual mode is HARD!
   Consider this: There are three sets of numbers for ISO, fstop and shutter speed. These are the most common standard settings that are used:

  • ISO = 400 | 800 | 1600 |  3200 | 6400
  • fstops = f2.8 | f4 | f5.6 | f8 | f11 | f16| f22 | f32
  • Shutter speeds = 1/30 | 1/60 | 1/125 | 1/250 | 1/500 | 1/1000 | 1/2000 | 1/4000 | 1/8000
Owens Pres. Steve Robinson and me
   It takes the right combination of all three numbers for a correct exposure. If you don't know how to meter a scene, there is way higher chance of screwing it up than getting it right. It is paramount that photographers know what each number means, and how they work.
  So, I had this discussion on a podcast show called Teachable Moment, hosted by Owens Community College President Steve Robinson. We met in his office in late October and spend a little over 30 minutes gabbing about photography.
   Thank you, Pres. Robinson, for having me on your show to talk about what I love doing - teaching photography!
   Give it a listen -