Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Storify lesson on social media tools for photo/journalists

This week is social media week. On Monday the Intro to PJ students opened their Twitter and Instagram accounts. And tomorrow there will be at least eight new blogs born into the world. So to kick off their lesson on social media, I've created the following Storify tutorial. Because it's impossible to teach a class every single thing they will need to know to be responsible scholastic photojournalists, I selected a few stories via the WWW and placed them on Storify. I hope this tutorial will help them understand the power and influence social media has with a click of a mouse. Social media tools, like Twitter and Facebook, not only generate supplemental journalism content and drive readership, but they can also spread gossip and get people fired.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Before you work in the news biz, you must first...understand it

   This is a Storify tutorial for the Intro to PJ class. It's an introduction to what news is.
   Before you, as photojournalism students, can represent this class and the Owens Outlook student online newspaper, you must first understand the role you will play as news gatherers.
   As with all of the Storify lessons, this tutorial is supplemental to other materials and presentations viewed in class.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

One blog, two schools: Welcome Owens and Kent students!

Welcome to a new semester!
   This blog is dedicated to you, students in both the Intro to Photojournalism and Teaching Multimedia courses.
   I hope you all benefit from the posts in this blog throughout the semester, especially since both courses are so different, yet many of the skills you will learn are the same.
·      The Intro to PJ course is geared for Owens Community College (OCC) photography and PR majors who want to learn more about the journalism field. Lessons include law and ethics, caption writing and camera operations.
     Every student in this course will also be a staff member on the Owens Outlook student online newspaper. This allows them to learn photojournalism in a real-world environment.
·      The Teaching Multimedia course is a distance-learning course
     for Kent State graduate students that begins Aug. 25. 
     These students are mostly high school teachers from across the country who want to learn multimedia skills. Most of these teachers are advisers for their school’s student newspaper or yearbook. Lessons include how to operate a DSLR camera; how to shoot video; how to edit still photos and video with industry standard software (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Elements, Photoshop); and how to capture and edit audio using Audacity.
   The common element with both of these classes is storytelling. That’s why it makes perfect sense to offer tutorials for both classes on this single blog. This way all students will learn something different and unique from their own course.
   I am so excited to hit the Publish button to let the semester commence!