Monday, January 17, 2011

The power of the pen, camera

   There is no doubt modern American media has tremendous influential power in our society.
   The press helps determine national and local election outcomes; can bring down shady corporations through its investigative efforts; can inspire change and action at schools and dog pounds, etc., and can even influence society to establish change in our military (Don't Ask, Don't Tell).
    Because of this 'power of the pen (or camera),' it is absolutely necessary journalists are taught the responsibilities of truth, accuracy, fairness, balance and conscience at the scholastic level.
    In this Intro to Photojournalism, comprised mostly of commercial and computer art photographers, students are made aware early and often about these responsibilities to their local community. In fact, before they even take a single photo, they first learn the history of journalism, the definition of news, and the legal and ethical rights of photojournalists. And that's just the first week.
    The second and third weeks are spent creating their own blog. It will only take an hour to create the blog, but three class periods to teach them to be responsible with their new social communication tool. 
   By this time next week, there blogs will be up and running, and I'm sure they can't wait. 

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