Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Student teamwork a joy to witness

Holly, right, shooting Bittersweet resident Danny and recording live animal sounds - at the same time! 

   Okay. I'm going to brag now. Oh, not about myself, but about my five Intro to PJ students. They make coming to class every Monday and Wednesday morning enjoyable and inspiring.
Dennis in the woodshop
   Their latest shooting assignment was a wonderful example of student teamwork. It was a group photo shoot Monday at Bittersweet Farms, an 80-acre farm that serves autistic adults. Students roamed the farm and captured the Bittersweet residents making artwork, tending to animals, cutting and splitting wood, planting vegetable seedlings and decorating cookies.
   But this assignment is more than just photographing subjects and turning in their best work for grades. It's a multimedia project that requires teamwork. Though all students shot, they had additional duties: Kathie will captions for the chosen photos; Kathie, Dennis and Katherine are editing the photos; and Holly and Teri collected the sound at the farm and are currently editing the sound using Audacity.
    The Soundslides project will not be completed until next week, but when it's done, I will proudly post it to this blog.
   Good job, students!
From left: Kathie, Holly, Julie Horn, Teri and Dennis


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