Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome new Intro to Photojournalism students!

   Dear new students:
   Today I welcome you to the Intro to Photojournalism course.
   You're a small class, only eight registered, but considering this course was intended to only run during Fall semesters, I think 8 is great!
   Become familiar with this blog because you will be a big part of it during the next four months. Why? because much of your course work will be learning about social media, like blogging and tweeting. These are only a few communication tools that you will undoubtedly use someday no matter what career you end up choosing.
   Of course you will also learn more about your camera, and how to think like a photojournalist. I am confident you will enjoy this course as you learn about your First Amendment rights, your photographer's rights, your ethical and legal boundaries, and much more.
   Thank you for choosing this course as part of your curriculum.
   Sincerely, Lori King, your instructor.


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