Saturday, August 18, 2012

A welcome letter to new Intro to Photojournalism students

   Dear PHO245 students:
   Welcome to the Intro to Photojournalism Course! 
    I'm excited to begin another semester with a new crop of scholastic photojournalists. For the next 16 weeks you will be trained to think, act and shoot like a photojournalist. 
   My primary goal is to help you become a visual storyteller with a heightened sense of purpose and ethics. I also hope you gain an appreciation for the social responsibility photojournalists have in documenting life and death throughout the world.
   Because this is an introduction class, you will be taught a wide variety of subjects, including:
  • Law, ethics and copyright 
  • Caption writing
  • Photo editing tools (Photo Mechanic)
  • Social media tools (Twitter and blogging)
  • Using your camera to tell a story
   Ever semester I add something new to improve the course and keep up with technology. You will be the first PHO245 class to use your cell phone cameras as another way to tell visual stories. 
   You will be the first class to be on a beat system. This means you are responsible for covering a school (culinary, transportation, etc.) at Owens throughout the semester.
A sample of photos from Rust Wire's Flickr Group
   I'm also happy to announce that for your final individual project, this class is collaborating with Rust Wire is recruiting photographers in our area take part in a photo project attempting to capture the "unique essence of individual Rust Belt cities."
   We are privileged to have Kate Giammarise, one of the founders, guest speak with you Sept. 24 about the Big Urban Photography Project.
   Needless to say, this is a fast-paced course because there is so much to learn. Every week you will learn something new, and Dave Cantor and I are confident you'll benefit from nearly every assignment, no matter what photography career you choose.
   Again, welcome and have fun!

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