Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's 'something cool' when students teach fellow students

   I recently received the following email from PJ student Jen Hannum:
“Hi Lori
I just wanted to share something cool with you and also let you know how I did it, and if you thought it was worthy of passing on to the rest of the class.  Check out my blog:
    The pages Jen created for cell photos and her website are in the yellow tab bar.
I created pages at the top, one of which is a cell phone pics page that is easy to upload to right from my cell phone.  It is actually another mobile blog that is tied to my original blog.  I attached directions on how I did it in case you wanted to pass the info along. I have an iPhone so I can only speak to how I did it with that but it seems pretty universal.
I am copying and pasting steps below:
iPhone directions to set up a Cell Phone Picture Blog 
1. txt the word register to 256447
2. you will receive an @(blahblahblah) and a code
3. enter that code at and captcha provided
4. chose continue as this user if its not selected and click continue
5. name the blog (I chose Cell Phone Shots) click continue
6. chose a template (can be changed to match your regular blog later)
7. you now have a new mobile blog
8. go to your regular blog choose the pages tab
9. create a new page that is a website and name it (I chose Cell Phone Shots)
10. enter the web address that was texted to you back in step 2 (the blahblah .blogspot)
11. Chose location on home page you want page to show up
12. Now you have a page on your original blog that links to your mobile blog
13. Download the blogger app on your cell phone and sign in
14. In settings on the app you can choose  the new blog and send just cell pics there”

   My reply:
   Yes, Jen, what you did is “something cool!”
   Not only did you do this for yourself, but you wanted to share it with your classmates, and that makes me one awfully proud instructor!
  You even taught me something (how to link blogs via pages), which makes me a stronger instructor because I can pass on this new knowledge onto the next class. A+ for your effort!
   Thank you.

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kanomthai eff said...

Oh wow! Thanks so much for letting us know!

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