Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My video story on local musician Earl Cookie

Just thought I'd share my latest video on Toledo busker Earl Cookie. I initially was concentrating on video, but after the fourth meeting with him I realized there was a good story there, so I also wrote a story and shot stills. The stills and video were both shot with the Canon MarkIV DSLR. The video was produced using Adobe Premiere Elements 11, which I prefer over Final Cut Pro/Express. Premiere Elements 11 is also WAY CHEAPER! There isn't a big leap from shooting stills to video. Both require a knowledge of camera controls and composition. The most significant difference between the two is sound. You have to have good audio, both with the interview and the music. And you have to understand how a timeline works. One other concern is not to duplicate your material. I tried not to put the same information in the story that's in the video. The story was published in the Toledo Magazine page in the Blade this past Sunday. Here is the video:

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