Wednesday, November 27, 2013

French photographer shoots U.S. sports for personal project

French resident and 'sports fanatic' Thomas Savoja wearing his newly purchased BG stocking cap. (Photo by Lori King)
Part 2/2:
This is a continuation of a question & answer interview with French sports photographer Thomas Savoja. To read his answers to the first two questions, please scroll down to the next blog post.

Q: You mentioned you were doing a personal project here in America. What is your project, and why are you doing it?  
A: I am a guy driven by passions. I love traveling. I love sport. I love writing and telling stories and obviously I love photography. So I have found out a way to conciliate all these passions in a single project, which is kind of Sport Road trip concept I am experiencing right now. The idea is to travel in the U.S. off the beaten track, attending sporting events at every possible stage (HS, college and pro) - to take pictures of the games and what is around. Then I will write illustrated articles about what I have seen and experienced; about the big and little stories behind the games; and ultimately I will share these experiences through various media with my fellow countrymen who have the same kind of interest but cannot travel for various reason.

This is quite a lot of work and investment as I am doing everything from the credential management to the logistic aspects to the photo shooting and editing to the writing and the publication online or on paper magazine. But this is a great pleasure at the same time at every level of the process.
Q: Any other insights you'd like to share?
A: I think I have now built through the years a strong relationship with your country. Each time I am traveling here, I am feeling pretty well, somehow like home. But like in every passionate relationship, there have been obviously ups and downs. I travel first in the U.S. with my family when I was a teenage in 1985. I can still remember each and every moment of this trip on the East Coast. Growing up as a young adult I take my distance with America maybe because some aspect of your society have been difficult for me to understand. Then in my late 30s come back to my teenage love - and photo and sports play a role in that.

Maybe my Sport Road trip idea will give the idea to replicate this principle in France and organize your own trip to discover my country and shoot typical French sporting events. If so, please get in touch with me. I will be delighted to help you!
To view his American sports photo gallery:

Dear Thomas:
   I plan to take my family to Europe, including Paris, in about two years. When I do I will look you up! Maybe I'll get lucky and you'll have a contest for me to help judge then. 
   It was nice meeting you, and good luck with your Sport Road trip idea!
Sincerely, Lori

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