Sunday, September 7, 2014

Owens Outlook student newspaper staff launches website

Most of the Outlook student staff.
   What makes a small team of Owens students work hard without pay and produce without grades?    
   For the past two weeks 14 students, mostly commercial photography majors, have been plotting, interviewing, writing, shooting and redesigning for the Owens Outlook online student newspaper.    
   Their immediate goal was to launch the website with a new look and totally fresh content. I’m proud to announce that they have accomplished that goal! The newspaper launched Sept. 2!
    But their work has only begun. They must sustain their busy pace to keep the Outlook up and running for the rest of the semester. That means providing updated stories, photos, videos and ads every week for the next 14 weeks. 
    I’m amazed at their dedication, and their ability to work as a team to get the job done. What inspires already busy students, who have jobs, families and classes, to give up their free time to work for free? 
    I could take a calculated guess, but since this is journalism and accuracy is our objective, I went directly to the source and asked them. 
   Here are a few of their responses: 
  • Kyle Brown, sports photographer: “I have put my free time to the Outlook to learn as much as I can about doing sports photography before I go for a real job in a newspaper or company. It will greatly enhance my skills as I learn what to look for in an action shot.” 
  • Katie Buzdor, Editor-in-Chief: “I have devoted myself to the outlook because I want to pursue a career in photojournalism and I have a lot of fun interacting with everyone. You get addicted to wanting our school's students to get the news from us and not from someone else.” 
  • Amanda Leigh, sports editor: “I have put so much into the Outlook because first hand experience is the best kind. I love photojournalism, and being able to work on my skills while doing what I love is amazing. It also helps to have a great staff, great adviser, and you get to meet new people daily.” 
   Most of the students are in the Intro to Photojournalism course, so they will eventually receive grades for the work they do for the Outlook. But for now they are working for the sole benefit of education and experience. 
   By the time they graduate, and either transfer or work,  they all will definitely have a stronger portfolio than their peers, and way more confidence. 
   This amazing group of Owens students understand that experience is sometimes more powerful than money.

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