Monday, November 17, 2014

Big crowd enjoys Tiedtke's song & 3,200 lb block of yummy cheese

  Fighting the crowd. Recording several speeches and editing them down to only a few minutes. Capturing enough B-roll to tell the story of a gigantic hunk of cheese.
  These were the challenges I faced Saturday during The Anderson's big Wisconsin cheese slicing event at the Talmadge Ave. store.
   The only technical issue I had was that the bottom half of the Canon 5D Mark III camera kept loosening up, which literally makes the camera go dead. At first I thought it was the battery, but it was full when I started. Then I wondered if I had a full memory card, so I stuck an empty one in the slot. But, alas, it was the separation between the camera body and battery compartment. Thank goodness it happened before, so experience paid off.
  I am also thankful I didn't have to shoot the stills, too. When I do both video and stills, it's ultimately the stills that suffer. I'm not going to say it's impossible to shoot both equally well, but I admit it's not easy. My colleague Jetta Fraser shot the stills.
  Here's the link to the Toledo Blade story, video and photo gallery: Say Cheese!
  Despite the thick crowd that made maneuverability difficult, it was a fun story to shoot, and the cheese was yummy.
   I was also fortunate that self-described 'cheese goddess' Paula Larson brought back Tiedtke's memories when she sang two renditions of the Tiedtke's song. The sing-a-long gave me enough time in the video to showcase the cheese-cutting and taste-testing process, otherwise known as B-roll.
  Who cut the cheddar cheese?  Dan Anderson did, of course!

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