Thursday, February 8, 2018

Owens Visual Storytelling students collaborate on OCCR station jingle

   As the faculty adviser to the Owens Outlook online student newspaper for half a decade, I've experienced a regeneration or two. But we keep getting back on our feet.
   So it's with excitement that I announce we are in yet another rejuvenation, but I'm confident this one is the beginning of a golden era for students who will walk through the Outlook Student Media Center door for years to come.
   Back in Room 156 (a great space we used to share with student government, then were moved out to two other locations) in the Fine & Performing Arts Center on the Perrysburg Owens Community College campus, we now have a media center manager, Rob Thomas, and an OCCR radio manager, Herbey Adkinson. These two gentlemen will help keep the center going.
   The biggest change is that the Owens Outlook is now sharing space with the OCCR station, and eventually with the new television component. This is possible because of the new Broadcast and TV Technology majors.
   As part of this new collaboration, we are rebranding, which is why these students in the video were recording a new jingle for our show, Voices of Storytelling podcast, which debuts on the OCCR station next Thursday between the 2-3 p.m. hour. It will be a weekly 15-minute podcast, recorded and produced the Visual Storytelling students.
   There is much to do: rewrite the student media policy manual; redo the student staff application; rebrand the media center and its components; recruit, recruit, recruit; train, train, train. Then what we do best - write, photograph and broadcast! 
   So stay tuned for what's to come, and listen to that jingle on our OCCR station!

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