Saturday, February 24, 2018

Voices of Storytelling podcast show premieres on Owens' OCCR station

From left: Lori King, Kurt Steiss and Drew Scott in the Outlook Student Media Center. (Photos by Adam Jaquay-Williams)
   Soon there will be a new page on the top bar menu called Voices Podcasts.
   This new podcast page will symbolize a new, dynamic trend of listening to stories, rather than viewing or reading.
Kurt Steiss 
   On that page, there will be a growing collection of podcasts on movers and shakers at Owens, including the president and the athletic director. These podcasts will be produced by my OCC Visual Storytelling students, called Voices of Storytellers. Though the podcasts are class assignments, they will also be published, giving the Broadcast Technology students a chance to build a portfolio in sound.
   I am also kicking off my own podcast next week. Called Voices of the Media, it will feature photographers, journalists, and radio and tv personalities, like Toledo Blade reporter Sarah Elms, who will discuss the topic of reporters who shoot their own photos and videos with a cell phone, and DJ Denny Schaffer, from Q105.5, WQQO-FM.
   These podcasts will air on the OCCR station Thursdays at 2 p.m., and also the Owens Outlook online student newspaper. So, please subscribe to the OCCR Soundcloud and the Owens Outlook if you are interested in what our guests have to say!
   It is now time to introduce the first podcast of this semester, recorded and produced by Visual Storytelling student Drew Scott, featuring his guest, Toledo Blade photographer Kurt Steiss:

To view Kurt's portfolio, go to his website

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